Welcome Maine Coon Enthusiast!!

Gentle giants, best friends, teachers and animal guides in life, that is what our Maine Coons are to us here at RETABLO.

RETABLO Maine Coons (formerly Blackhorn Maine Coons 1996-2007) has been carefully breeding with outstanding results for several years with internationally award winning lines. Having Regional Award Winning cats & kittens in both CFA & TICA demonstrates our dedication, good health, large size, heavy boning and gentle disposition, as we show our breeding cats.

We are a closed small cattery and own all of our cats. Therefore we do not bring in any diseases into our controlled, healthy, home environment from other cats/catteries.

RETABLO does not cage or mass produce kittens. Every kitten is raised in our bedroom and receives individual love and attention as they are handled and played with daily in our home. All kittens leave at 12 weeks of age and are litter box trained, uses a scratching post and is properly weaned. Kitten supplies and toys leave with each kitten as they go to their new home making the transition as smooth as possible.

RETABLO Maine Coons breeds the following colors: Silvers, Reds, Browns, Blues without white. Occasionally we have Blue or Black smokes and solids.

All litters receive proper immunizations and go to their new approved homes with a written vet health certificate. Kittens/Cats are Feline Leuk, FIP, FIV, RW and parasite free. We screen every breeding cat clear of HCM and do DNA testing.

RETABLO Maine Coons reside in Earleville, MD. We breed for quality not quantity. We sell by reservation and deposit only with a contract that states NEVER to declaw the kitten, the kitten will always remain an INDOOR pet only and with a neuter/spay agreement at 6 months old. Registration papers will be sent with proof of your vet’s neutering/spaying. Sometimes older kittens go to their new home already neutered. We screen all potential kitten buyers carefully.

We are presently taking deposits for reservations on upcoming litters.

We do not sell breeders.

If you have any questions about obtaining one of our Special cats/kittens, or if you want any further information on our special Maine Coons, please feel free to email us or contact us by phone.

Disclaimer: Screening for HCM is currently the recommended method to aid in reducing the incidence of this condition in cats. Breeders cannot guarantee that their cats will not develop this condition. However, Retablo Maine Coon Cattery can guarantee that we are dedicated to screening our breeders in a continued effort to produce healthy and sound Maine Coons to the best of our ability.

Thank you for your interest in our best friends and gentle giants here at RETABLO Maine Coons .

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